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Death to the EU.

Death the NWO.

Death to globalism.

Hello chaos, my old friend. I've come to talk with you again.

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Could this be incited or coopted to break down the nations and bring in UN/EU control? I'm suspicious of anything well organized that "has no leader" according to the msm.

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Well, one thing about the NWO is that they are quite responsive and adaptive. Consequently, even if these protests are 'organic', that doesn't mean the NWO isn't working to take advantage of them for their own nefarious purposes.

I think it won't matter what they do in the long term. The world has entered a very chaotic phase and we are going to experience a great many changes in a great many areas. Those of us who survive will emerge quite different than we are now—as well as humanity in general.

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Death to the current form of the EU. We must unite with our European brothers and sisters to battle The Enemy, following our rules and laws.

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I wonder how jewed it is by now, we're not hearing anything about that. Would be extremely impressive if it wasnt taken over by kikes like tea party, occupy wall street, etc.

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There are a few self proclaimed representatives. 100% garanteed some are kikes, they should be exposed for the crowds to deal with.

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Im 99 percent sure some jew owns a yellow vest manufacturing company.

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Thats what Im saying. The jews want chaos like this. And the truth is they can protest all they want, all it will ensue is martial law and more muslims.

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Please I hope this comes to Canada, a lot of people just need a reason and a yellow vest here

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Likely, considering the easy contact point between quebec and france.

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Here's to hoping my friend. My city is packed to the tits with niggers of all shades and taxes of all levels of bullshit. Me and my gf both have decent jobs and struggle to hold down a car and house, never mind having any kids of our own. Somethings got to give

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Canadians are simply too ignorant to revolt. Not to mention too spread out

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Another (muslim explodes) sure would hurry things along right about now.

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Oh no we're being exploited! But its in our country now - time for a protest

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This distraction should be sufficient to get at least few Jews. Good hunting, police are too busy ..get them get THE JEWS!!

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And it spreads....

This will get Merkel shaking in her little lederhosen.

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Its probably exactly what the jews want, is this chaos

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