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Fuck Islam

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Fuck niggers and shitskins.

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Race? What is the problem with naming ISLAM?

Islam is a political and social ideology formed as a cult and dedicated to the destruction of the NonMuslim world. NAME IT!

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What is the problem with naming ISLAM?

The fact that the problem isnt Islam, but leftism. Leftism is CAUSING islam. Leftists are bringing in Muslims as allies against YOU. As soon as you try to fight Islam, your own treacherous leftists will stab you in the back and help islam win.

"Islam is the common cold, leftism is AIDS. It's easy to fight of a common cold, unless you have AIDS."

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id rather die than see my home country flooded with Islam. We don’t want our women in binbags, we don’t want to rape kids. We dont want to chop off anyone’s heads for disagreeing with us. Followers of Islam are encouraged to kill non Muslims. How has it got to this?

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We dont want to chop off anyone’s heads for disagreeing with us.

But you should.

Explicitely allowing and encouraging dissent is a massive weakness. You're losing against Islam because Islam doesnt have that weakness.

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Multiple factors have lead to this but the primary one is a slice of society that see our own civilization, their society, as evil or as a threat that must be destroyed or irretrievably divided and infiltrated. It is madness but this is the case and you see this agenda of self loathing and desired destruction in countless Hollywood productions. Wanting to Destroy every aspect of the West down to the very fundamental structure of the family is seen as "progressive".

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id rather die

There's rarely a country that isn't being forcibly invaded right now. What sort of western bastion of awesome do you live in?

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Dear Finns,

Here's what you have to do:

1) get a gang of five men together 2) kidnap one of the men involved in these crimes. (alternatively, a relative or person from the community). 3) take them to an abandoned hut 4) get Mexican cartel face on. Blowtorches, saws, power drills. 5) after days of torture, vivisect them and mail the body parts to the various mosques and immigrant rights groups

If you do not do something like this, migrant predation on your children will continue. Migrants are from tribal cultures. They do not fear your police, they do not fear you. They think of Europeans as weak and conflict-avoidant. (They are correct). They will push and push, knowing that your police will not do much to them. If they get sent to prison, they will merely get to hang out with other migrants for a time. It's not a deterrent.

You need to make the cost of attacking children so high that you discourage it entirely. Fail to do this, and you will end up like the UK with its lovely muslim rape gangs.

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Can we throw them all out by force yet?

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Cant we throw those who let them in out first?

If somebody puts a snake in your bed, are you going to focus on throwing out the snake or on taking revenge on whoever put it there?

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If it’s a venomous snake, I’m dealing with the snake first. There’s time for dealing with the person who put it there later.

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I remember the meme of The new Finnish guys and their 12 year old girlfriends. Good shit.

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adult migrant men fucking Muslim invaders

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Finland is going to have to decide to fight or just let it happen. Their kike leaders are trying to destroy their nation just like what happened in Sweden. It's up to the citizens to decide how many young girls get raped before you stand up to this bullshit.

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Their kike leaders

Kike leaders wouldnt be leaders without willing followers.

Focus on the race traitors, and both the kikes and their muslim pets will vanish.

Stop playing down treason.

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No, focus on the Jews. It's ALWAYS the fucking Jews. Race traitors are a minority that gets laughed at without Jewish funds and media assistance.

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migrant men fucking Muslims


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