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Fucking actual Stasi and she’s trying to demonise people as big bad nazis?! How the fuck the commies get away with this shit I’ll never know. I moan about them a bit, but one good thing about the mass of Poles and other assorted Easterns who’ve arrived on Ireland’s shores in the past decade or so is that they will resist resist this. God knows we can’t trust our own to do so (SF, IRA’s political wing, is our third largest political party).

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Keep in mind east germany broke up in the fucking nineties, which in politics is practically yesterday.

"It can't happen here".

It happened there, and it was only a few years ago.

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Let us hope you are right.

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Why don't these Marxist Jews realize that by doing shit like this, they're only proving Hitler right?

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lol you think they dont know hitler was right? they know. but that doesn't matter. what matters is that the masses dont know/dont care.

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It makes me very sad that I am even remotely related to this crap. Fuck this Stasi hag and her commie bullshit.

My boy is an athlete.

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A bit of warning here! I was eating and that photo of 'it' made me throw up in my throat just a bit! Hah

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My deepest apologies

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Seriously, any day now a small elf-like being is going to turn up on her doorstep and ask for help in finding The Dark Crystal.

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Why did you go to eBay and look this up

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Taken from a Tweet highlighted in the article, "Countryside-Dwelling, Environmentally-Friendly Families are Right Wing Extremists, Researchers Warn."

Isn't that just fucking rich, all these leftists go on about being "environmentally friendly" so when a family lives among nature you'd think they'd be thrilled right? No! Of course not! Because it's not actually about being in touch with nature, they don't want you living in nature. They want you as far away from nature as possible, smashed into giant cramped fucking arcology buildings that are basically human ant farms a la Agenda 21.

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Fucking THIS... I live in an offgrid home and grow my own food for the most part. I would DEFINITELY be labeled a Nazi. Funny thing is I am a libertarian and constitutional-literalist and think ANY form of socialism is horseshit and simply want to live in a meritocracy with bullet proof property ownership laws (Allodial Title/Land Patent) and a sound currency.

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Sure. Their idea of “experiencing nature” is living in some artfully decorated LEED-certifies condo in an expensive metro downtown area, and decamping to the fringes of the city for an afternoon hike every once in a while.

I didn’t grow up in a completely rural environment, but I’ve sure as hell experienced a fuckton of “nature”. Where coyotes eat your dogs, your animals kill their own babies from time to time, where you better take a gallo of water and your sleeping bag with you when you drive to the next town (just in case something happens), and your hiking bag contains a DIY yourself first aid kit and a gun.

My husband wants to move out to the country. He grew up back east where everything is a fucking suburb and romance for “a simple life” runs deep. I’m all for it, but it’s going to be a culture shock and he has no idea. I’m also sure he’s not going to want to spend the money to dig a well, but then, he never got a lecture from his father in kindergarten about what happens if you want off into the desert alone.

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Found the Aussie.

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lol, my childhood dog was a huge 95lb Otter hound, the coyotes were afraid of him. Literally thousands of them would howl out at once in the night, but he could run on out there around them unmolseted. They don't mess with anything bigger than them so I could walk with no coyote worries as well, snakes on the other hand.....

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Whites who say Happy Hanukah.

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It's really exciting to me at least to see the sorts of things that are being posted and spoken, as identifiers of nazis. Why?

Bcause many of the things being listed, had they been written in one list without a title, and you asked a random passersby OB the street "What's this a list of?" Theyd reply, "how to live a good life".

Athletic people are more likely to be nazis... haha! I've seen before similar posts about children, sons specifically were mentioned, that obsess over going to the gym and obsess over being healthy, are also said to indicators of a nazi.

If your child is reading old classic books written by any number of the interesting white authors from our past, this too can be indicative they are a nazi.

One more so I dont bore you, it was mentioned boys and men that dont masturbate are far more likely to be a nazi/hold alt-right views.

Now... what can we see is in common with the mini list above? My take away is these things if followed by an individuals and eventually an entire society, we would possibly be very close to living in a golden age.

It truly feels to me as if they are actually,literally, taking every single accomplishment (and what skills / tasks were needed to be done or needed to be practiced before completing the accomplished task) and using it as a way to identify a fucking nazi!!!!

For fucks sake, its gotten to the point were women are PROUD to sell their image (AND soul!) online via porn webcam websites. They chant and make up signs and posters for their little cute get togethers, advertising that sex work is "real" work. I mean... if I really wanted to support these nuts I'd say that no matter what the job is that you have, you are getting fucked one way or another lol. But in all seriousness, they truly believe whoring themselves out is as normal and NOBLE as being a doctor, as difficult as a hands on blue collar job, and as satisfying as a scientist researching a cure and discovering it. (Well... I guess you can say these whores are collecting hundreds of bacteria, viral and sperm samples from all over the world. There very well maybe what looks like the growth youd find on a lab petri dish if you were to take a look "under her hood"! Haha

I'm laughing only because the alternative is to cry and i dont want to give them the satisfaction.

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Long story short, the members of our race worth keeping will naturally be the ones that don't destroy themselves

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Evolution working as intended

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how does it feel to have the enemy's boot on your throat? NeoNazis are pussies. the synagogue shooting locked you faggots down. it's time for something new. the Nazis failed. We have a responsibility to replace them, and become better.

or we can just continue to whine about the Jooz on voat, impotent as ever.

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We are working on raising awareness and having conversations. That is all that is possible at this time.

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You might be impotent, but I spread the good word. I dont talk and say nazis are great, I just get people to notice trends with Jews, which has the same effect

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Lets see some pix of your good, bloody works then.

Walk the walk, talky.

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Athletic boys and girls with braids are warning signs.

Damned right they are. Jews should fear those kids, and their fathers, and their families, and the civilization that bore them.

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It's almost like Hitler was right or something.

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If only he gassed the jews and bombed the shit out of new York, London and other Zionist shit holes.

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I want to use this as a guide as to how to pick friends... You know... so I can find high quality white families for my son to spend time around.

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But it would be wrong to write a guide for teachers on how to identify anti-white propaganda in text books.

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