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He was let off easy because he could have brought down many many top politicians and business men with him if not.

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Well that just makes it all perfectly fine.

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There is still one pending lawsuit against him, one that has been running back and forth for 10 years, that cluld undo all this shit and send him to jail for life. The Jane Doe's have filed a suit claiming that Epstein's deal with Alex Acosta to keep all evidence sealed, was in fact illegal. This could still unravel him.

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No it will just stay in limbo for 100 yrars

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Yes he is friends with Prince Andrew.

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The appearance of justice is what keeps the vigilante mobs off the streets, I really don’t understand why the elite insist on chipping away at the veneer of justice that keeps their heads from rolling.

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Happy Hanuka, Jeff

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Yeah... no

According to Injustice Watch, Lundy entered the dollar store and started stuffing underwear into a small bag and his jacket. Store employee Patricia Parker confronted Lundy, who responded by pulling out a knife and warning her to stay away. As he exited the store, Lundy told employees, "I'm going to kill you," noting further, "with this knife."

He wasn't given ten years for stealing $33 worth of stuff, he was given ten years because he threatened people with a knife in only the most recent of 10 other convictions. Article says the others are also "non-violent" but if threatening people with a knife and taking their stuff isn't violent I don't know what is.

This doesn't mean that what happened to Epstein is justice, but the headline is a bit clickbaity by pretending the guy got a decade behind bars to stealing a pair of underwear.

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Wow we need justice reform to get this guy out, give him a voter registration and a gun, and make him a teacher.


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Yeah, it was clickbaity, and Sputnik is what it is, but I'm trying to draw attention to the miscarriage of justice in the Epstein scandal, the exploitative nature of Jewish power, and the nexus of pedophilia and power, including the current president. Why not take a little license? I'm not fucking vulnerable 14-year olds or robbing the dollar store for crack money here.

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Both should be shot. The dindu stealing underwear has 10+ convictions and threatened the clerk with a knife. According to the jewpaper dindus threatening people with a knife is not violent

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Yeah, headline is pure clickbait. No judge would put a guy away for just shoplifting a pair of underwear, this guy was a habitual criminal.

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Also threatening to kill the clerk with a knife, we call that armed robbery.

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Came looking for this.

I've seen too many videos of "poor, homeless" dindus murdering store clerks for a handful of bills. There's even one that goes on for a solid 5 minutes of some poor bastard little asian clerk wrestling a knife from a nigger, only to lose his grip for a second then get stabbed repeatedly at the base of the neck. All so some nigger can keep niggering for another day before he needs to go find more cash some evil whitey or gook is keeping from him.

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jewish privilege . niccce.

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Well, if I was in a dollar store and someone stole my underwear, I would be mighty upset.

[–] Hairyballsack 4 points -1 points (+3|-4) ago  (edited ago)

You remind me of reddit scum. Mighty upset? Faggot

[–] thelma 2 points 4 points (+6|-2) ago 

Niggers cannot upset me, so no.

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but thelma word has it that you dont like to wear any underwear :P

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That's why. Ouch.

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While there definitely is a.problem, I think they picked a pretty bad example. The homeless guy pulled a knife and threatened to kill a clerk - not exactly the harmless crime Sputnik is trying to make it out to be.

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