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That's how you respond to faggy complaints. You double down. We need more white men doing this.


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Had a local guy (ex-marine) tell me that the city officials in which he and I live sent him a letter stating that he had to take down a Don't Tread on Me flag because it was hanging over the sidewalk and obstructing a walking path. The flag was actually hanging from a limb on a tree in his front yard. The bottom of the flag was approximately 16' above the sidewalk. He substituted the flag with an American flag of the same size and for some reason there were no complaints.

I told him to put the DTOM flag back up and make the city officials explain themselves publicly. He agreed to do it. For some mysterious reason the officials no longer wanted him to take down the DTOM flag.

People need to get some balls and stand up to these fascist fucks.


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Marxist, friend. Marxist.

One day you'll learn the difference.