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Skilled workers
Pick one


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To think that Germany of all countries, would need to ask for engineers, let alone to Pakistan is crazy. Of course, this is by design, we all know those shitskins aren't capable of proper skilled work.


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There are only ~730,000 open Jobs in Germany at the moment. We have over 4 Million Hartz 4 people and 2-3 Million more normal jobless people. Germany has the highest standard, even people from other EU countries like Spain are often not fit for German engineering jobs.

This shit is just Umvolkung/White Genocide


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COOKS too! The same EXACT law being discussed has a set-aside for female and male COOKS from pakistan to come to germany!

COOKS include trained BURGER FLIPPERS!!! REALLY!!! millions of muzzies can come in if they promise to work their first year as a burger flipper !

refer to :

Torched Earth ! GERMANY to let ANYONE in to work! Welfare system Collapsing, so ALL THREE main parties propose COOKS (Burger Flippers!) to be EXEMPT from Immigration Restriction! CDU+CSU+SPD Traitors :


Read that.

High IQ whites have started to shun Germany, so the solution is to add more low IQ muslims from Africa and Pakistan