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What do you mean more realistic? MK-Ultra has been an on-going CIA/NSA psyop since the 50's, they have even came out and admitted it in declassified documents.

They use a combination of drugs and repeated psychological torture to activate a sleeper agent, used to further the Cabal's goals.

Satanic Ritual Abuse(SRA) is related to this psyop. Children exposed to physical(sexual) and verbal abuse develop scarred brain tissue that can be "unlocked" in their 20's and 30's to make them psychotic and under complete control of their operators. Alternate personalities I guess you could say... the technical term they use for this is "alter".

Central Arkansas is a hotbed for child trafficking, don't ask how I know this. A lot of day cares in the area(especially Little Rock) participated in SRA. HRC's foundation has a huge building here in downtown Little Rock, which I don't think is a bit coincidental at all.

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Do a search and get ready to go down one dark scary rabbit hole.

Here is one of the more recent shockers. Yea that's a Popular Mechanics story not some Alex Jones line of shit. It is real.

Or you can go to the horses mouth. But believe me that 's like trusting a viper not to bite. CIA FOIA Page.

Then we have congress and it's dog and pony show form 1977. Where the CIA admitted MK Ultra was a real test on mind control. Think all the rumor's you have heard and then add forced butt plugs for days non stop while on a massive overdose of LSD. I am not joking.

I will end with this little gem. The thing about the Mk Ultra tests and this linked ban on involuntary testing that came about the year before the CIA made it's big disclosure is that when the CIA admitted to congress the next year to these crimes against humanity the testing was done and a complete success. No more tests needed so this ban is useless and toothless.


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there are good videos on the video hosting sites. look for Project Monarch; this is what it became after declassification of MKULTRA. this is not a "theory".

once you see the targets of the program and how it works, look back at all of the mass shootings and what the suspects were like immediately following the incidents (batman theater shooting especially).


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McCain had one too. In that town nearby the human trafficking camp that was found over the summer. I forgot the name but the town is full of pedophile symbolism from that FBI file. Like a twilight zone episode