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He should shoot them

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They pull this shit in my neighborhood there will be casualties.

They don't understand that not only am I angry, but I have lost all my desires. My dreams and aspirations have been beaten out of me or cut away and now I thrive on conflict.

But I can shoot pretty decently. Batteries dead on my holo sight and I went to the range to shoot using nothing but my picatinny rail as a sight. I can still kill a few people with one magazine from several hundred yards. And that is after not practicing for months.

Do they think that if it comes to violence they will win? Haven't we proven that wrongthink repeatedly?

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I think you mean enemy KIA.

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Use the iron sights. It’s better training

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Get a Holosun 510 c. 5 year constant on battery life, auto on off.

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If this happened to my house I'd be ventilating people from the second floor

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I agree. As soon as that door would of been broke.

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I would be prone in my body armor at that point. Make my day commie fuck.

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I don’t know if they live in DC proper, but it’s very difficult to own a gun there.

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That seems like a problem

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Tucker has said he owns guns. If he lives in VA, easy to get guns. If he lives in MD he can but handguns are basically forbidden. In DC...I have no idea.

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I looked it up.

DC allows conceal carry if they vet you and approve it.

You can apply for a permit to have a gun at home.

So it isn't totally lost.

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He wasn't there. If he was there would be blood to clean up. He puts family above all and would have shot anyone trying to break in.

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Once the precedent is set there will be no toning it down.

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-surround a persons house

-form an angry mob

-kick in the front door

all these tactics are now fair game and free to do


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Good. Once they cross your threshold you can blow their fucking heads off.

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We sound use it to kill all these communist faggots

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Thank the media people that have whipped up the mob

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Don't forget your bikelocks and something something kicking them while their down.

[–] HappyMealBullshit 1 points 4 points (+5|-1) ago 

Works both ways though. Once a pissed off redneck gets tired of some libshit faggots protesting on his front lawn and lets off a few bursts from his rifle into the crowd, the precedent will be set and these pussies will go back to jacking off in their parents basements. We just need that patriot and to make sure it's on video.

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That's hilarious. My wife is well prepared. She would have fucking killed them.

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I would have left work to kill them

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Tucker would not even need to 'leave work', he could just have a camera follow him and have his ultimate "Tucker Carlson Today massacre" lmao.

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Same. You'd fair better with me than with her.

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Yeah same here. You enter my house with the intent to do me, or my family harm, you will be leaving without limbs at best, and in a hole someplace at worst.

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Where were the police?

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You'd be surprised how fast they act once one of the Antifa fags that enter the house is shot.

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I think it really emphasises how unsafe public policing monopolies make everyone: You're only defended when the government decides you should be.

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Always standing down, UNLESS blacks are being threatened by other blacks or other spics. Then the police do their jobs.

Gotta protect the nigs.

[–] Deplorablepoetry 3 points 12 points (+15|-3) ago 

Antifa mob broke his door, no arrests were made.

Pigs are communists, do you really need any more proof that pigs and antifa scum are one and the same?

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Not quiet.

Police take orders , orders given by the governor , kill the governor , give orders to the police.

Police just want to do their job and go home to their loved ones. What we need is better legislation , and politicians being held accountable.

On a random note, have you seen Boardwalk Empire ?

[–] Tiptop88 1 points 5 points (+6|-1) ago 

SCOTUS has ruled that police do not have a duty to protect. That is why the 2a exists. Arm yourself white man, and never be caught lackin.

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The police are not obligated to protect you. That is YOUR responsibility

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Broke the front door? Thats when they'd of took the first shotgun blast. 00 buckshot is awesome.

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000 is better.

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This is why I have a cannon pointed down the hallway.

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I sure am glad we allied with the communists to beat those darn nazis in ww2.

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Time to start taking scalps.

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Why the fuck is this allowed? Did they call the police or anything? These are the same idiots crying about freedom of the press whenever Trump says that the fake news MSM is the enemy of the people.

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The police do not have a duty to protect the citizen. The SCOTUS has ruled on this. Arm yourself white man. Train yourself and loved ones. Do not get caught lackin.

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It's not allowed

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