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We hate to break it to you, Women’s March, but your leadership is so toxic from its association with anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan,,,

Oi fucking veeey, it's perfectly fine for him to be as anti-white as he wants but he says mean things about Da Chosen People! It's kind of depressing that even the sites that seem to be more on our side then the left's still shill for our greatest enemies.

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Hating on whites is completely fine. If those whites happen to be Jewish though, then it's an absolute sacrilege that needs to be responded to by scrambling a squadron of Israeli fighter jets.

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LF has flipped and flopped so much on the JQ.

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Everyone is going with their tribe except whites. This is coming to an end.

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I mean, the have the right idea. Let people love themselves including whites.

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I wanna see one reason why anyone ever should pander to the very element trying to oppress you. Fucking niggers. White privilege is doing anything other than promoting black supremacy.

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Without white privilege they'd still be in Africa getting raped and invaded by neighboring tribes. Ungrateful trash.

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Of course all black women voted for black candidates and for any Democrat if the candidates were white. It's straight identity politics.

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These faggots could really use some helicopter time.

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Nah gas is expensive (if you want to do it on the taxpyers bill) just use buildings.

Of course if you run a private helicopter business go ahead.

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But if we gas all the "immigrants" we will eliminate 97.8% of public welfare system thus saving money.

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Too messy. Better to turn them into shark food.

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"white women gonna white"

Yeah ok, and sheboon gonna make nigger terrorists and sheeeeeeeeeeiiiit

gtfo female nigger

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And sheboons are gonna ooga booga. At least some white women can show class.

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Yup. I'm a white woman but you don't want me in your freaking march because I might grab a microphone and start talking like an NPC:

  • Orange Man Bad

  • We are interchangeable but we are all unique

  • 57 genders

  • Intersectional Feminism

  • Reeeeeeeeeeeeeee

and then...

  • It's OK to be white

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these bitches are doing a lot of harm in the hamerican society...

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