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Silly faggot thought they would take POTUS and then no more elections. Shouldn't have reached before you were covered. Now comes the pain. And by pain I mean millions of New Yorker tax dollars paid in damages.

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Damage is already done, what are they going to do about it?

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It seems nothing ever happens to anyone in power, no matter what they do.

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So true. Look at the Clinton's for a perfect example. The laws only apply to us little people.

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Truth, I am good with Public trials and punishment.. Rule of law on Display

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Join ThelmasNoobArmy .. the army is meant to expose politicians and government workers ineptitude and disdain for America.


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Surely, NRA should file charges against Cuomo & Maria Vullo, superintendent of the New York State Department of Financial Services (DFS). Friggin tired of assault on 1st Amendment Rights. Tired of assault on people & businesses who believe in the Constitution & live by it. Cuomo is prime example of commies trying to destroy America from within. Hoping there is an unsealed indictment for traitorous actions, coming his way.

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Uh oh... Now I understand why Cuomo wasn't included in the fake bomb hoax.

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Of course he violated it, he's a criminal.

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I believe Reason should be archived. For the most part, the editors and writers are gutless Leftist Trump-hating cucks.

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The Supremes already decided money = speech.

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Forbidden tunes on forbidden pipes.

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