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We wuz investors n sheeit.

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..wheres that new trik or trettin' halloween gif with the sheboon coming up to a residence and stuffinz ALL the free gibs from the offering basket into her child's sack.

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It wasn't the child's sack that she stuffed with candy, it was her own handbag. The little nigglet only took one piece of candy, but yea. Disgusting behavior, and definitely not something you want to teach your children.

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ON Jew-TV (Inside Edition) they only show an old clip of a white woman mother taking far too much candy, they NEVER show the porch monkey sheboons doing vile acts ever. Its a nonstop anti-white hate fest of a info-tainment show.

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What else did they expect?

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a free ride. they don't understand what money is. they could be zillionaires if they relocated to zimbabwe.

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Hey, EVERYONE'S a zillionaire when they come to Zimbabwe... how else are they going to get rid of the tons and tons of worthless currency that people are using to wallpaper their hovels?

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Dude I got a dollar in my pocket....($1.00) [https://imgoat.com/uploads/2aa4b0af34/161847.jpg]

That what it worth in Zimbabwe

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People with an IQ of room temperature to actually understand complex economic concepts like banking, interest and financing.

But as always, liberal pipe dreams **never **translate too well to reality.

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That’s absolutely hilarious.

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Yeah it was the looting not the fact that they don't know how a bank works.

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They know how banks work very well, they just did the looting in a single fell swoop instead of taking decades like experienced bankers. The real failure is they have no patience to get more money over a longer time span.

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Give a man a gun and he can rob a bank. Give a man a bank and he can rob the world.

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Was just about to say that, a white, chink, nip banker would do it solwer and more subtel to get more money on the long run.

Whats more fun is the fact that with the shitshow in SA infaltion will hit hard so all that money will buy him a pound of appels....oh wait appels are grown on farms.

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Those too things are very hard to tell apart. A good looting will look like an accident so the gov doesn't know who to hang. Both make the money dissapear.

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why not both?

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Sure you can do both but you can do it better (more to your benefit) if you know your shit and keep the bank running for a few years.

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This is happening a lot sooner then I'd expected.

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  • a loot sooner

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  • a looot soooonah

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niggers gonna nig

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Bring back white people. No. Sit in your shit hole.

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I kek'd so hard at this. Thanks mate.

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