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Because you act like a colossal cunt waffle.

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I guarantee you the people defending him and crying foul are the same ones saying a private company can do whatever they want with their platform. Well then, niggers, the White House has full discretion to bar anyone they want at any time from their grounds. It most definitely is private, you can't just walk onto the lawn or into the House.

And these are the same stupid fucks who think such an action somehow violates freedom of speech.

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You used to be able to hang out on that lawn, hell, the place used to be a free for all.

Then you snowflakes ruined it.

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The White House is a public government building. Doesn't really matter, they can invite whichever press they see fit.

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Freedom of the press is you can print anything that isn't just slander but does not give the press the right to trespass at all.

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He can still beg for interview time from the gates outside.

Fuck that fucking mile-high twat. About time his bullshit was called on the carpet.

And another motherfucking thing -- if a GOP member treated an intern that way on the Lefty side, they'd be all up in arms about it. This fucking fuck deflects a poor girl doing her fucking job like he's the pathetic bully that he is.

But no, not a fucking peep from the lefty fucks.

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for my 8 PM hit…

… piece on the Trump administration. Why the hell is he saying “hit”?

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Because Acosta is a drug addict who smokes crack before going into press conferences. I have no source for my claims.

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Good enough for CNN to run it on the bottom scroll.

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So, CNN doesn't bother with sources either. They just make it up.

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people familiar with the thinking of Acosta's crack pimp have claimed he smokes crack and takes it up the ass before he harasses the president and calls it journalism.

Crack pimp was unavailable for comment.

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Just say you do even if you dont. CNN does it all the time.

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I know. That was wierd

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Don't they often refer to their reporting as a " political hit" piece?

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I’ve never heard of an outlet calling its own reporting “hit pieces.” A hit piece is a damaging document and is spoken of in a pejorative sense.

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Musicians say "we hit at 8" meaning the gig starts at 8... I think it is more a reflection that what he does is just show business and not a reference to a hit piece... the wording is ironic for sure though.

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all you need is good hair and good suit

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Can I just settle for a suit? I don't have good hair

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Thank God.

The Standing Committee should have pulled his pass two years ago. He's turned the press conferences into a circus and humiliated the entire country.

Liberals got a reporter turfed 2005 because he was a faggot prostitute


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They only kept him around this long to give him enough rope to hang himself and to give Trump a reason to diss CNN daily

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In a way Trump may have wanted to address the issue already and he has a keen way of making the other side bring up the points he wants to cover...almost like he has info to put him a step ahead...

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I remember that guy. Talk about night job scandal. Tee hee.

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This is the kind of attention seeking mother fucker who tweets his breakups: My GF just locked me out of the house... again. (video of him walking around the house looking for an open window)

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Taxpayers probably pay his salary. Because if not think of the idiot that would have too.

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George Soros and Jeff Zucker.

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Acosta did this? Jesus I thought it was only women and indoctrinated males of a certain age that tell their fucking lifestory on social media

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Instead he hit a woman who was asking for the microphone next.

No hit piece for you. Jim Accosted a woman.

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He has been begging for this to happen so he can play the victim and say look at the big meanie being mean to little old fair and impartial cnn

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