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Lol all of those idiots that chopped their genitals up for the ultimate virtue signal and still end up on "the wrong side of history"

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No, they won't. They'll just kill themselves.

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Why cant they do both?

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With Obama's health insurance and trans fed terms, theyd be able to receive operations to try to switch back as much as possible to their original sex, paid for by taxes.

No longer, soon. :)

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according to a document leaked to the New York Times

Sounds like a bullshit story meant to mobilize gays for the midterms.

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And the 10% that pretends to be mentally ill, and the large portion of Americans too scared to speak out against the tranny agenda for fear of everything they've ever said being used against them. It's a decent strategy

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Sounds like a bullshit story meant to mobilize gays, and their Democrat allies, for the midterms.

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Has a dick

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I hope this is pushed hard , common sense, While they are at it.. Get the dam girls out of "BOY scouts & The Boys our of "GIRL" scouts.

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Mental illness should not be normalized.

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While this is all well and good, the feds don't have a magic wand that just legislates stupidity out of existence. The ideological war is still going to persist.

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But now they wont have a legal case against you when you refuse to use thoer pronouns.

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They already don't because the first amendment means I don't have to participate in their speech.

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That would be amazing. It would give me more trust in Trump too. If she goes against the tranny world order. That's huge.

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People think equality is similar to sameness. This is stupid. If some women think that, swearing like some men do - fiercely screaming the F word at every turn, a la Rosie O'Donnell- will make them equal to men, those women are dumb. Playing aggressive, for those feminists, is the only way they can be equal to men, I am asking... So, they want to be equal by imitating men who are, well, not exactly well read or well educated? Brandishing a clenched fist and displaying your fangs will not cut it.

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Just imagine, Michelle Obama full body search when he arrives in Gitzmo. The body searchers will have a bowl! He will say ¨Don't you touch my backside pussy, you dirty naughty boy, else I tell Obamette and he will scratch you with his little nails, so back off¨.

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I hope they air it live on TV and internet!

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Pop corn, Ha ha ha!

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