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Remember that this little conniving Jew didn’t create the idea for Facebook. He stole the idea then screwed his business partners over. He’s a disgusting troll of a Jew. No one should use his shitty website that no doubt steals your data so he can sell it off to the highest bidder.

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Remember that the Federal government funded DARPA and that DARPA initiated a project called 'Lifelog' AFTER the international success of 'CU2' social media website where people could make html profiles and the success of Microsofts MSN messenger. Then in 2003 myspace launched and was so advanced the Pentagon killed the Lifelog program in 2004. When Facebook initially launched to just his own university; the CIA investor fund IN-Q-TEL approached the (((ZUCC))) wherein they funded Facebook to replace MySpace, from that initial small university scale social media site Facebook immidiatly became a PRISM partner and subject to NSL letters, Facebook is not a private company; it is the public extension of the US intelligence community. Facebooks development was all to maximize the aggregation of user data. Then they began to play with modifying the emotional states of their users by giving them specific dark or angering news.

The reason kikebook was so successful in the manufactured "Arab Springs" was that they extremely promoted to the users in those countries the content to spark a revolt and to turn the populace against it's government, that is why US conservatives are deleted; yet ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Taliban and other extremists groups and their pages remain fully operation on facebook.

Social media is a cancer.

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People should understand that these companies/web-sites are only successful because a ton of tax money was filtered into that system; and they were given huge amounts of free advertising coverage via the mockingbirds. This is not capitalism. This is communism!

Why do you think that these companies are led by communists? Why would they be spewing commie propaganda and burning books?


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Also keep in mind Lifelog was killed the same day Facebook was created

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So really we should "think" of it as DARPA-Book

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Zuck's big mistake was when he later screwed over Eduardo Saverin, a fellow co-founder of Facebook. Eduardo decided to join up with the guys who Zuck initially screwed over by stealing the idea, who were suing Zuckerberg over stealing the idea. Zuck had spoken with Eduardo over IM and email about screwing them over. Eduardo then shared this evidence with them, giving their lawsuit the legitimacy it needed.

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Like all leftists do - they lie, cheat and steal to get ahead in society.

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CENSORSHIP WILL BE THEIR DOWNFALL. They are about to get Anti-Trust shoved up their asshole. Sherman Antitrust Act. A federal anti-monopoly and anti-trust statute, passed in 1890 as 15 U.S.C. §§ 1-7 and amended by the Clayton Act in 1914 (15 U.S.C. § 12-27), which prohibits activities that restrict interstate commerce and competition in the marketplace.

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We'll see, they spend money to make money.

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What a fucking prick.

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Hang that kike

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Mark Fuckerburg.

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We should start shilling free, open source and decentralized social media platforms like Diaspora, Friendica, and GNUsocial to our normie friends and family. I've already started openly mocking family members for using facebook after it came out that the facebook android app was constantly monitoring your microphone, and then showing you ads based on what you said.

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Anyone checked the stock of Facebook lately? It goes down 3 times faster than it ever grew.

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