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If she is charged, Trump wins in a landslide in 2020 against anyone

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If Hillary runs at all Trump wins by a landslide

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It is not Deep State. It is the Jews and Israel get it right.

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That's usually what happens when the fed raises interest rates, as they just did.

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I wonder how many dollars you'll actually get for spamming this nonsense on voat. Can't be better than a job, and it's not honest.

Smells like a shill to me, boys.

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I’m not seeing it anywhere but these small news sites. I’m not buying what this guy is selling either.

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I instantly got a shill vibe as well. Pretty much the same 2 news storys on the top of my feed.

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I would expect the markets to drop with everything coming out about google, FB and twitter. Tech really took a dump.

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Surprise surprise no one wants their money tied up in companies who declare allegiance to communist china and collectivist schemes. Next week they will be telling us they turned over all assets and IP to the PRC and will be rebasing out of bejing.

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Gee, the NYSE takes a hit right before the 2018 elections. What a coincidence.

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A surprising cohencidence, no doubt.

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Hillary was not mentioned once in this article. Downvoted for misleading headline.

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I think it's just a market correction. Equities have been overvalued since 2010.

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She is also saying shes going to run for President agsin. LMAO...She's going to have to run from Gitmo. Gitmo will be campaign headquarters for the democrats.

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