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April 10, 2018 : The Color of Gun Crime in America’s Big Cities :


New York City? :

in 2016, 88.3 percent of those arrested for murder or non-negligent manslaughter and 96.7 percent of those arrested for shootings were black or Hispanic. The data in the 2015 edition of “Crime and Enforcement Activity in New York City” are almost identical. All this in a city where whites comprise about a third of the population.


So 96.7 percent of those arrested for shootings were black or Hispanic according to NYC databases, but once the electronic files are sent to the FBI (under law), the FBI alters the data !!!!!

The FBI dramatically alters the data by taking half the hispanic criminals and reclasifying them AS WHITE, because of the fact that no whites commit gun crimes in NYC, except in every movie and every TV show.

The FBI is a racist anti-white criminal organization out to destroy white america by hiding crime statistics the last 10 years straight!

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How many are black vs mexican crimes ? They hate each other.

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I heard there’s some kind of dark vs light skinned 🥩 beef

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Brown town, turn around.

Seriously, I've watched a favorite bar of mine turn into something where hot little bitches would come in -- to a fucking shitshow where its a bunch of "street" latino/brown fucks that think they're in "da club" or some shit. Waving money at the bartender, all kinds of ignorant shit.

Yeah, its time to move on, but I also know that they will probably have their own personal "nog" moment where a patron doesn't want to pay, or obey the unwritten rules of a bar that everyone knows after 21.

I guess I want to see the final chapter, but I know its a bunch of brown fucks that will bring it down.

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Hispanic is not a race OP, just like Mediterranean is not a race. Duh!!

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Arabs and North Africans are also "white."

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This comments thread is full of jews.

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Muslim go home.

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It's worse than that. They only count as white when perpetrators. They separate them as victims. A spic shoots a spic is recorded as a white person killing a spic.

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This doesn't just happen with some clerical error. This only happens after insidious, meticulous planning and calculation and an ulterior motive. We should execute those responsible for mass hate crimes.

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I live in NYC. My great grand parents came from Puerto Rico. The issue for Black's and Hispanics in NYC and most inner cities has always been culture. The promotion of degeneracy in music and popular culture has been the biggest influence on these people who sad to say come from broken homes and in most cases due to early pregnancy are in the majority of cases child raising children. I don't have a solution. All I know is I came from a God fearing family. It was passed on from one generation to the next. The love of God and love of fellow man. You can call it Jude-Christian culture. Liberals detest it. But it has always been a stabilizing force in our culture. It's interesting how Europe has turned from it and is going to hell and now Americans walk blindly into the same abyss to join Europe in that hell hole.

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I really wish more minorities would realize they are being played.

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"I don't have a solution" - immediately afterwards you explain the solution dude

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Have you ever seen a really dark mexican they are closer to black then white that being said there are some spanish mexicans in mexico that are pale white and have colored eyes.. i lived i mexico for about 9 months and live in texas half and half mexicans can easily pass as white too.. but caling mexican crime white crime is an out right lie

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Yeah, but most of those "White" Mexicans are of Spanish descent...and they are, the vast majority, upper/middle class Mexicans, and not the people who are sneaking into the USA illegally and committing violent crimes...

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Good points

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I mean, the problem comes from calling mestizos "hispanics". Mexico is not Hispania. The same would happen if we start calling Haitians "frenchmen" or mixed nativeamericans "englishmen"

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The US census and FBI since its inception are USA entities, and the word "Hispanic" within the USA always means the 50 types of hispanics, many of which are mestizo, as you pointed out, but also all those descended from african slaves mixed into brazil and carribean, etc. Even spain hispanics have moor blood and are far more violent than nordics.

Hispanics is a thing. Also Hispanics according to science (not police, not us census, but DNA science) concurs that you can trace back the dna bestowed from spain into these cultures and its not just a langiuage, its spanish dna that unifies them as "hispanics". Hispanics have certain Hispanic DNA, Chromosomal DNA, and even mitochondrial DNA. But yes.... PART of the problem is non USA uses "Hispanic" to SJW it as a language-only thing, not a DNA thing because they have less "mestizo" (A Spanish Colonial phrase for half-spanish mixed race) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mestizo

But basically when an American says "HISPANIC" everyone knows EXACTLY what they look like , and which prisons they will flood :


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