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Why didn't you link Hannity instead of your youtube channel spam? Oh right, you're a Q nigger. Eat shit, have a downvoat.

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But that beautiful 360p

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You've already been shot down as fake news in your other post. Yes democrats are violent. No you won't get my view on jewtube so you can get your shekel.

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https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=SsxvIIYpGhA :

Politics of incivility: Democrats using mob behavior & trying to blame republicans for their actions - YouTube

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Everyone seeing this post, please upvoat derram, he's a hardworking bot doing god's work of denying good goy shekels to Q niggers stealing content and spamming Voat with shit. All hail derram! God of bots!

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We are watching history unfold before our eyes

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Every single day of your life you've watched history unfold. And every day before you were born and after you're dead. That platitude is meaningless tripe.

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talk about more government propaganda. Democrats are evil! liberals are evil!

LOL, how about the jewish run media and banks are the evil ones. trump faggots are all the same as the clinton faggots. sheep

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This. Disband the Federal Reserve

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Democrats need to lose their party status to keep America civil.

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Fake news

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