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Ayers went on to call the threat sender cowardly, weak, and worthless, according to the Post.

Well, she got that bit right.

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At least we know we can trust a woman's word now.

The lengths these rabid frontholes will go to to protect their lies is amazing. And people wonder why feminism has turned women into a joke today. The same smug self-righteousness displayed by the libtards in these Kavanagh hearings is the why Elizabeth Warren has become her own meme.


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a downvote brigade of frightened white power faggots literally took me from almost 300 CCP to -130 CCP overnight so I will no longer have the ability to be heard and you're trying to tell me voat doesn't censor? LOLOLOLOL!

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Always could, just need to get these sheep inline so they see they're projecting. "think mirror"

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OY to the motherfucking VEEEEEEYYYYYYY

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A journalism major - how appropriate!

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I thought the same thing. "Journalism" is code for "lying, communist propaganda mouthpiece".

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Every journalism major I knew in school was the most milqtoast lame lefty piece of shit.

Some of that pearl clutching over Kavenaugh's drinking when he was younger was legit. Those fags were editing the next edition of the school paper while everyone else was getting shit faced.

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To be fair, getting shit faced is stupid and self-destructive, and exactly what ((they)) want you to do at college anyways.

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This woman commited a crime on the basis of a protected characteristic. While I think the entire concept of charging people with hate crimes is inherently bigoted, if the law is to be applied in a fair and equal manner across all people, then she should be charged with a hate crime.

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No one EVER once got convicted when framing straight white males once in history of US case law, ever.

Over 95% of documented times a hate crime (hate hoax) has the perpetrator found, it is ALWAYS a Black, Gay, Jew, Muslim, Lesbian. Over 95% of all documented solved cases.

All hate crimes can be considered hoax crimes, and dismissed out of hand, but retractions are NEVER shown on local TV.

30% of the most documented ones are at http://www.fakehatecrimes.org/

Read http://www.fakehatecrimes.org/ to open your eyes.

If it is a black church burning, synagogue vandalism , or mosque burning, the percentage goes from 95% to a shocking 99% hat crime hoax (for arrested solved cases)

99% of the biggest hate crimes are proven hoaxes, waste millions in FBI money, and result in NO 20 year sentences, not even one year sentences, because the muslim or jew that did the crime "was just confused about himself"

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"bigoted" you might be a faggot.

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Ugly fat chick engages an attention seeking device, what else is new?

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Right out of the Jewish Handbook of journalistic self induced auto-retributory victimization.

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Typical Grievance Studies major. She did nothing wrong...or are you a racist and oppressor sent from the patriarchy!?

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Yes and even if she made up these particular threats she was simply acting out a repressed memory of similar and real threats (probably from men) in the past. So, you know, does it really matter if these threats were fictitious, particularly if men can somehow be blamed.

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Your words are real rape. Monster.

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Another brave revolutionary. If only she'd made bombs and murdered people like Bill Ayers. She'd be so admired by people like Obama. Maybe it's her great uncle once removed or something.

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If Obama had a "real" daughter . . .

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Perhaps she was self aware of her own hideousness to know that sexual harrasment wasn't going to feed her victim complex.

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