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[–] ShinyVoater ago 

They reach you intact? I've had enough damage from their piss-poor packaging(I even once had one come in a bubble mailer) that I stick with Barnes and Noble, despite the higher prices.


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I honestly think that something has to give with respect to Amazon's over-subsidized delivery scheme. As a person that really appreciates being able to stop at a physical store to get replacement goods or buy what I'm looking for day-of, it's a shame to see my options dwindling or disappearing entirely. I understand that it's hard to impossible to compete with the literal entire sum inventory of all of Amazon's international warehouses for brick and mortar establishments but for god's sake the subsidized deliveries on top of it just sucks. And all of America ends up subsidizing it via taxes.

I don't get a single red cent out of my tax money in terms of direct welfare but Amazon probably gets millions (if not billions) just from package subsidy.