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Fake news, there is no voter fraud, ask any democrat.

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Not just that but this famous obama clip, once 24/7 pumped on all MSM news outlets.

Obama PROMISED illegal aliens that if they vote, NOTHING BAD WOULD EVER HAPPEN TO THEM and the voter rolls will NEVER be turned over to the Feds !

Listen to Traitor OBAMA!



Later the left re-spin it saying Obama meant DREAMERS should vote.



So then Snopes and the disinformation army said that obama was referring to 'anchor babies only' not Dreamers.

But surprise surprise... anchor babies that voted may have exposed their illegal alien parents for deportion if they ever used welfare for five consecutive years in the past, under current deportation priority list.

(another reason hispanic welfare plummeted over 30% after trump got elected and news spread)

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Death Penalty.

I will donate my rifle , bullets and time to do what needs to be done.

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Not surprised she's from Harris County. I'm from Harris County and had friends whose parents, cousins, uncles, aunts, friends...etc., (all living in a 2 bedroom apartment) were all illegal and bragging about voting during election time. I always laughed at the libtards who say illegal voting is a myth.

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Fucking call ICE on them.

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Little known FACT

In all scapegoat cases like these ever, the person selected as an example typically either has used welfare for 5 or more consecutive years at some point, OR has had felony arrests.

One time a handful of muslims were rounded up and the left mobilized and screeched in dearboarn michigan and it was revealed the "hard workers" were double dipping getting paid in casha nd collecting welfare AND had felony arrests prior. But trump let that leak 4 days after the screeching started about "good muslims! stop deportation" hah.

I guarantee she used welfare for 5 consecutive years at some point in the past. I guarantee it.

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Is it legal to drag spics down the highway in Texas or have they gone all leftist mushy?

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Can't do it on the highway. Dirt roads is fair game.

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Why not the highway? Don’t they have any niggers to clean up the mess?

Hot asphalt will strip the flesh off a greasy spic a lot faster than a dirt road.

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Illegal aliens voting in our elections should be considered terrorists.

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taco nigger ====well done mexican

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Patrice called the Mayan people during his review of Apocalypto, since he couldn't think of their name: Ancient Dishwashers.

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we need voter fraud prevention, not tougher penalties for fraud.

under obama, she would just be deported and end up coming right back to vote again.

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