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So sad, Muslim was just doing a prayer when his steering went out, terrible trajedy.

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allah take the wheel

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But wheel is haram Muhumet didnt use wheel so you can't either.

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How else can an honest Muslim man earn his 72 virgins?

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When he unrolled his prayer rug, it blocked his windshield. Driver stated that this never happened when he was on his camel.

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Cars are racist, now London will ban cars.

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good one

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That what happens when Liberals run your country. “Open Borders policy”. To quote Q, “These people are stupid”.

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Man o man, the fag wizard Q sure sounds philosophical.

Go back to reddit you kike.

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Do you not know who Q is..? Q is highest level of military intelligence. Their messages are coded in Gamateia as well as the Presidents Tweets. It’s your choice to know.

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Really sad that Le Pen lost. I thought for sure the prideful French would vote for her to save their precious Paris.

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I suspect they did, but TPTB fudged the results in favour of Macron.

Sweden just held another anti-democratic election and people were stealing the ballots that voters required to be able to cast votes for AfS and Sweden Democrats.

We see it all the time in the US, and David Hogg was recently caught in camera encouraging Canadian anti-gun activists to interfere with American politics.

Corruption is everywhere!

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Unfortunately they have a history of no action. They did nothing to repel the Nazi occupation in WW2. Instead let other countries come to their aid. Sad.

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Im really sorry too you think she would have done anything.

Look at the zionist right wing in Norway and tell me how much has changed.

You people need to wake up both sides have been bought off a long time ago, its an illusion.

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Fucking Q cultists. Saying 'These people are stupid.' is not something you should be attributing to your internet Jesus. He's not the first person to say it and he's far from the last. Either stop being a faggot or go back to your containment board.

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The choice to wake up and know is yours. Stay asleep, I don’t care.

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"were saving israel for last" lol

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Nothing strange about that, goy...

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Any clue what could have motivated him?

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The mystery continues

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Probably all that racism in France. Poor muslims...

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Fucking Trump! That sonofabitch is being this I guarantee

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Oh my Allah ru srs

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Why are you letting Russia off the hook? Are you a Russian??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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No mention of race in article... Coulters law in effect

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It'll be "asian male"

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So unclear motive it is.

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Don't jump to conclusions. This could be a random attack by a mentally deranged person. The real victims are the poor muslims that did nothing wrong. Fucking racists.

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Known as the irrelevant majority. Only a few are bad, right? That's sad for them but feeling that way does not ensure everyone's safety. Tough situation, do you kick them all out or try and fix/reason with the issue?

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First you get about 50' of rope

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Religious tolerance needs to go. I don't like religion in general but I despise Islam the most. Fuck these barbarians. And fuck their pedo prophet too.Tolerating religion is all fine and dandy until some 13 year old gets raped and then ends up getting fucking stoned to death because she had sex out of wedlock.

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Still nothing on the front page of the national rag http://www.leparisien.fr/ as if this was just as much worth mentioning as a cat stuck in a tree

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It's so common it's not newsworthy anymore

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It's part and parcel, you know.

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And the motive is unclear

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