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'As part of her plea agreement, Myers also got to keep her teaching certificate. '

How? She must have sucked off the judge for that concession

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“Her husband is a sheriff’s deputy.”

Pigs suck judge assholes

Asshole judges let criminal pigs and their families take advantage of citizens

Trust a pig or a judge, die a raped fool.

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Why weren’t there any teachers that were good slut when I was 14? Getting a sloppy blow job from a girl your age back then was painful and required yelling “teeth teeth teeth “ over and over.

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See, I like teeth. I would tell girls to nibble on what left of foreskin I have.

Brought me back to the good ol days when the rabbi and i were close

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Well I guess I was wrong all these years when I thought those Jew bastards had red leaf lettuce stuck in between their front teeth.

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You WIN.

I would bow. But now I'm a little scared your dick will attack me.

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Or in the words of Jello Biafra, "take out your fucking retainer and put it in your purse!"

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I thought that was Woody Allen?

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As in you want more teeth or less?

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Teeth are fine and can be quite pleasing if a good slut knows what she is doing. I very vividly recall that when I was 14 girls thought they were eating a hotdog instead of sucking a dick.

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Your fetish makes you a degenerate.

Gas chamber for you.

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Wait. Not getting your dick bit is a fetish?

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Gas chambers also known as ovens are for Jews

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Fuck clickbait titles. Here's the actual sentence:

A high school teacher in the Bronx who admitted performing oral sex on a 14-year-old student was only sentenced to 10 years’ probation and allowed to keep her teaching certificate. The teacher reportedly performed the act multiple times.

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Telling me that's not outrageous? If a man did that it would be 15 years in prison, sex offense registry, and never working again

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Unless your a black guy in a blue city. Look up "Koochie Kissing Klique". Tommy beat the charges.

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I’d hire her to mentor

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Pussy Pass

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Not Denied

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What happens in these cases is the boy goes bragging to his friends and eventually one if them tells an adult.

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Maybe. I can tell you first hand about a friend of mine who was sexually assaulted by our music teacher.

He never said a damn thing to anyone until about 12 years later when he had to see a shrink because she had fucked his head up and he couldn’t have a normal relationship with an adult woman.

I’m sure all of us guys fantasized about some of our teachers when in school and going through puberty, thing is, we are way better off never fulfilling that fantasy.

The psychological implications are far beyond what a child can comprehend.

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Whoa, wait, do you want to say that having sex with kids might be emotionally scarring to them, especially when you hold a position of trust and authority over them, and the age difference from their point of view puts you as a senior figure on par with their parents? What are you, some kind of a faggot that hates getting pussy?

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You fell for it too by not using the word rape in your title. "NY teacher rapes 14-year-old and gets a slap on the wrist"

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Number 8 will shock you!

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I think she should be made to work as slave labor in Saudi Arabia.

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