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Remember when the LGBT movement started off as just a bunch of literal faggots who wanted equal rights and to just be left alone?

Now they're telling people what they have the right to question and using the same threats and intimidation tactics they fought to keep people from using on them.

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That sums up it exactly what they have become.

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Turns out that "slippery slope" that we were warned about back then was true. We should'a listened.

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Slippery slope is the only thing on the list of fallacies I feel is incorrect.

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It's not the same people doing it though. I work with two older gay man and they despise what the community has become. Anecdotal, I know, but they often discuss how the faggots are ruining it for the gays.

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faggots ruining it for the gays, ima use that one kek

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these psyops are multigenerational plans.

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Faggots are degenerates. There's no two ways around this. Either you're for decency and virtue, or you're for depravity. Pick a side already, you fucking niggerfaggot.

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Revelevant Fact:

In the Soviet Union, 90% to 95% of the leaders were Jews. However the 5% to 10% that actually were Russian, were all or almost homosexuals.

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under communism, these faggotrons would be sent to the gulag first, right after a giant hole would appear in the back of their heads.

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This divide and conquer strategy is put into place specifically to weaken the existing government. When the people who divided and conquered come into power, they no longer want a weak government. It is now theirs, so their "useful idiots" would be thrown away for being the dangerous tools that they always were. This sometimes involves killing people who were merely exposed to their division propaganda, which can include students.

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This is the problem I have with the LGBT community, too many people (mostly the younger ones) make their sexuality their entire identity. People are so much more than that! Who you have sex with doesn't change a person's value or the value of their opinion.

It also drives me nuts that too many members of the LGBT community demand tolerance and acceptance yet offer none in return. Communication is a two way street. Sometimes you're not going to like what the other person has to say and you have to just deal with it.

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Faggots are only interested in that one thing. It is their reason for being.

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Its a cycle. They have nothing to aim for or achieve because the kikes at the top have told them that theyre already special by virtue of taking it up the ass. What would normally be things like sports or degrees are now degraded into their bedroom antics.

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Oh but those "Pray Away the Gay" camps are literally hitler.

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We don't pray for gay and we don't chase them off.

We should simply torture them in public like animals. Or maybe throw them off the roof or burn them in cage.

ISIS is a genius for coming up with solutions to the LGBT problem.

Deterrence is the best way to prevent problems.

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That's not the best part. The best part is when they claim that gulags were non-violent and compassionate. Also people weren't worked to death there and no one stayed there beyond 10 years!

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Not surprising considering anyone who calls themselves a supporter of LGBTQILWTFBBQ or whatever generally admits to being a communist as well.

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so tolerant.

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Even the Transgenders who regret their mutilation?

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Especially them.

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They don't see the difference between this and Japanese internment camps? Amazing, they only push people in the middle more towards the right. Keep going.

Lol, this is partly the result of erasing history (by removing historical representations like statues of confederates, etc)... making us bound to repeat mistakes.

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