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and how come this applies as abhorent for kids and not PEOPLE in general?

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I think because a lot of naive people believe that the companies wouldn’t do anything untoward to kids.

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Oh...liberals...They keep coming up as the fly in the ointment. I have a dream. NO PARASITES!

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Imagine having bulk data on what drives the creation of a persons personality. Imagine having so much information about a person, that you can deliver them to a seller with the guarantee of a purchase.

Imagine being able to collect all of this data over the entire life span of a person.

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https://archive.fo/yTxj7 :

How Game Apps That Captivate Kids Have Been Collecting Their Data - The New York Times

'An analysis by The New York Times found that children’s apps by other developers were also collecting data. '

'The iOS version sent advertising ID codes to a company that generally prohibits children’s apps from using its network. '

'Tiny Lab labeled 10 of its apps for children and used ad networks in them designed for children’s apps. '

'Tom Neumayr, an Apple spokesman, said that children’s privacy in apps “is something we take very seriously” and that developers must follow strict guidelines about tracking in children’s apps. '

'The review of 20 children’s apps — 10 each on Google Android and Apple iOS — found examples on both platforms that sent data to tracking companies, potentially violating children’s privacy law; the iOS apps sent less data over all. '

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