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Look at that beak! All he needs is a little hand rubbing. Fuck these nation traitors! I'm still laughing at their misery.

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They were probably doublely surprised when the NSA prevented them from fucking with the voting machines.

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Poster Child for: You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain. Wasn't their old motto, "Do no evil?"

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"Don't be evil."

Then they changed it in uh, 2015 I think? To...

"Do the right thing." with Alphabet, Inc. (AI)


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All these know-it-alls don't know shit.

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Mark Zuckerberg before Congress- Does Facebook censor Conservative.speech?" Mark: "derp derp muh algoriths." Alien stare.

Google - "Come on guys we can top that. Let's not show up at all and then say some hold our beer level stupidly insulting stuff. Muh Googles."

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Oooh, let's pretend I smoke pot so you retards can relate..der der der

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uhh ... ummm ...

learn to fucking speak faggot. jesus i hate listening to fucking retards

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I watched some of it and you know what? I find it fucking scary! Those people are speaking not the way you would expect a people from a tech company to speak. They are speaking exactly like leaders of a cult would! They are speaking like leaders of a political organization.

Google has become a dangerous political organization of political extremists. They are very, very dangerous!

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