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Companies are not citizens. They don't get to demand anything.

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More (((capitalism))) at work. Big business pushing degeneracy to break down traditional culture and replace it with consumerism.

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How the devil would that work?

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Well, business reaches a stage were it grows so large it seeks to shape culture and government policy to it's will. Traditional culture must be broken down, the workers must be atomized so they cannot coordinate, they must be replaced by cheap foreign labor. Big Business is able to control the left by putting sensuality and consumerism over the defense of rights of workers.

LBGTQ is a fake interest group used to bludgeon the workers class and distract leftists to keep them from doing anything. "migrant rights" is just the left fighting for business to have more labor and a larger consumer base. The left creates a welfare state and corporations use it so taxpayers have to care for the workers instead of adequately paying them.

The business elites, rather are Jewish or gentile, are cosmopolitan in outlook, they have no respect for borders or traditions.