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Fuck off, child.

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Found the Boomer. It’s okay, there still may be hope for your generation left. Unfortunately, it may not be you

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Whatever you say, punkie.

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Why are you boomers always so angry at your children (Genx) and grandchildren (Millennials and GenZ)? If you think we're fucked up, lazy, disrespectful, entitled, socially stunted, etc., well just remember who raised us to be this way. Big hint, it was boomers. Maybe you should have paid more attention to raising your kids instead of being the "Me Generation". You may have fucked us up, but at least we get to choose your retirement homes. You better hope we do a better job with that than you did with us. Enjoy your golden years with bed sores and abandonment.

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morbo, what the hell are you talking about? you know exactly zip about me