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All the code words are there, this was niggers nigging it up negro style. No arrests because they dindu nuttin.

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https://archive.fo/Nshrn :

Massive brawl erupts among more than 70 schoolchildren with victims 'stamped on the head' | Daily Mail Online

'A mass brawl involving 70 youths throwing punches, landing kicks and stamping on heads careered through a town centre last night. '

'Shocking footage of the fight emerged online this morning with punches and kicks thrown to a soundtrack of screams. '

'Several young women appeared to be at the centre of the fight, trading blows before being pulled apart. '

'It means that anyone who refuses to leave the area - or who returns after being moved on - can be arrested. ', "Police have been forced to set up a 'dispersal zone' in the centre of Uxbridge, west London, because of the chaos at around 5.30pm last night."

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Nigger and/or nigger lover based? Hard to tell by the niggerdly (poorly) produced video. I mean it's over sneakers so it HAS to be nigger based at that level.

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That'll learn ya'll to respect the holy name of the goddess of victory.

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What about the old foot in the ass trick?