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Oj would like a word

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https://archive.fo/YrvQx :

Oregon novelist who wrote about 'How to Murder Your Husband' charged with murdering her husband - The Washington Post

'And in “How to Murder Your Husband” — an essay — Crampton Brophy wrote about how to get away with it. '

'One day later, Crampton Brophy wrote an emotional post on Facebook.“For my Facebook friends and family, I have sad news to relate,” Crampton Brophy wrote. “My husband and best friend, Chef Dan Brophy was killed yesterday morning. '

'They had a “fabulous garden” in their backyard, where chickens and turkeys also roamed, Crampton Brophy wrote on her author website, where she promoted her steamy romance paperbacks. '

'Nancy Crampton Brophy seemed to have a knack for writing about the murder of spouses. '

'In Crampton Brophy’s “How to Murder Your Husband” essay, she had expressed that although she frequently thought about murder, she didn’t see herself following through with something so brutal. '

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That archive is just the attention required screen. Here is the actual archive pulled from Yandex Cache: https://archive.fo/bJeBL

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Never write about crimes you intend on committing. You're welcome.

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Imagine being married to this demented bitch, and watching her fantasize every day about murdering you? Then one day, she slips over the edge and actually does it.

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why can't i archive washpo articles on archive.is? i dont want to give these cunts clicks

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It might have to do with the country your IP address is in when you archive it since I believe archive.is passes your IP address through. I often work around by archiving google, bing, yandex, or gigablast cached versions since the original URL will be listed on archive.is.

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I think you have to archive your archive to fully disable their scripts

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Chicks stink. The FACT that you don't KNOW that, is a sign of the EVIL of the times. Sugar and spice MY ASS.

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This is deliciously ironic. xposted this to v/Women/2715386