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Inflation makes this meaningless.

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No, it doesn't. I mean eventually it will, but for now no inflation is quite minimal.

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Too bad it's not on par with inflation! I mean, even if your ejust a single person, you got insruance, rent/housing, medical, 1/3 of that goes to IRS.

Are you really lef tover with that much? Depending where you live of course, you could have more, but most people don't live in cheaper areas which are further away, more commute time, more transportation expenses.

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According to the article (I see that Voat isn't any different from Reddit in this regard, eh?), the income is already adjusted for inflation.

The data also shows this as just the peak of a growing trend that has been going on since the end of the recession (a trend that is starting to level out, though), and mention that it's due more to longer working hours and more family members having a job (it's household, not individual, income) than to wage growth.

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I see that you're a blind cuck who trusts the governments inflation numbers they run in these models, at 2%, when it fact it is higher around 6%. And thjey are 2017 dollars, not end of 2018 dollars, which is where we are today, thats another 2-6% inflation.

This article only talks about household income, not individual income, like the point you said at the end. But this isn't necessarily a good thing, because it still means people are over worked and overtaxed(2+ payrolls to tax in a household) just to get by.

I don't see how this is an encouraging graph, because looking at those pverty rates from 12.7 to 12.3 thats only .4% who got out of that ranking.

Again, what we need is a rise in wages that compensates for inflation every year, not a rise in people working in a household. I don't see how this is a positive article or anything

Just wait until the depression hits and people in those households lose their jobs and they cant afford their present situations.