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Good news guys!

West Mercia Police Assistant Chief Constable Martin Evans has maintained however, that child sexual exploitation has been a 'priority' of the force for many years

See! Everything is OK! now. Paedophile grooming gangs has been the tippity top priority for these brave policemen and their labour bosses for years and years now. See! Feeling better?

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I used to be against the death penalty.

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I used to be against the death penalty genocide.

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Good you changed your mind from that unjust belief. The death penalty is moral and biblical.

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And so, too, is genocide, hence Canaan was cleansed of Baal worshipers. Right?

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https://archive.fo/YCNKP :

Telford child abuse victim re-lives horror of rape at GUNPOINT as she and fellow victims speak out | Daily Mail Online

'Horrific details surrounding child abuse in Telford are continuing to emerge, with the latest revealing one victim was raped at gunpoint. ', "He told Sky News: 'A great deal of work has been carried out to target the perpetrators and disrupt their criminal behaviour. '"

'Up to 1,000 young girls are believed to have been raped in the Shropshire town over a 40 year period. '

'It was later revealed however that the 13-year-old had suffered two years of sex abuse at the hands of a grooming gang, which began when she was 11. '

'Victims of the abuse have been speaking out, with one telling Sky News she was raped at gunpoint as a teenager. '

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