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This is absolutely disgusting. Completely inexcusable. This is how far we’ve fallen as a society. We can do so much better.

I want 100% of trannies to not only attempt suicide, but to succeed! We as a society have to give these people the tools they need!

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It's as simple as banning procedures like this from being performed on anyone younger than 18. Of course, that means the "Trans" movement would stop right in it's fucking tracks, since they need to target the young and impressionable in order promote their degeneracy.

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I think Russia has the best policy on all of this. None of this faggy shit this trans social justice ass fuckery to be displayed near anyone younger than 18. After 18 it's off to an early death from Aids.

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Reread the comment you replied to. I dont think you read what you think you read.

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Fags reproduce by buggering children.

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we have to give them the tools? OK fine this is the only form of socialism I will accept.

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Modern education is failing our youth. Gender studies classes need to include training in proper and effective suicide techniques.

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If anyone is interested in actually saving people from this shit before it happens, here is a study that was released by Brown University in California then RETRACTED because leftist radicals flipped their shit so badly. The study appears to show that children are developing transgenderism due to exterior forces being placed on them socially through peers and media and NOT DEVELOPING TRANSGENDERISM NATURALLY.


Rapid-onset gender dysphoria in adolescents and young adults: A study of parental reports

Conclusion: Rapid-onset gender dysphoria (ROGD) describes a phenomenon where the development of gender dysphoria is observed to begin suddenly during or after puberty in an adolescent or young adult who would not have met criteria for gender dysphoria in childhood. ROGD appears to represent an entity that is distinct from the gender dysphoria observed in individuals who have previously been described as transgender. The worsening of mental well-being and parent-child relationships and behaviors that isolate AYAs from their parents, families, non-transgender friends and mainstream sources of information are particularly concerning.

Data Availability: The data cannot be made publicly available due to ethical restrictions. The study participants did not provide consent to have their responses shared publicly, shared in public databases, or shared with outside researchers. Furthermore, due to the sensitive information contained in the data and the politicized and contentious discourse around the study of gender dysphoria, protection of the privacy of the participants responding to the survey.

There can be no more fence sitting on this issue. Transgender people USED to make up a miniscule percentage of populations. The popularization of transgenderism, supposedly for the purpose of promoting equality and acceptance, has had massive unintended consequences to the minds of young people. We have now shifted from the slow going acceptance movements to light speed degeneracy.

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How does one develop transgenderism naturally?> :)

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It absolutely happens.

During fetal development hormones impact the brain. An xy male can have a feminized brain. An xx female can have a masculinized brain.

If you doubt it. Look up 'wolffian' and 'mullerian'

The incidence is probably near 3 in 10,000.

Trannies are real and do exist. It doesn't mean we should normalize or promote it.

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Just another desperate cry for any kind of attention.

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Although some of them may be doing this for attention, it'd be interesting to find out how many did it because they looked in the mirror front toes to head and realized what they had become.

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Feeling like being in the wrong body is a psychiatric disease, it has similarities with depression and therefore high suicide rates. No amount of surgery (or banning surgery, for that matter) will help.

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Exactly. Which comes first, being a tranny or being emo?

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partly, but also a last gasp of "oh shit, this isn't the kind of attention I wanted. I am now an unlovable freak!"

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This is a much bigger deal for trans males. Engaging in faggotry for attention does not do anyone any good, and encouraging/enabling one's delusions is not the right way to treat mental illness (those who legitimately struggle with gender confusion or BD), but it's even a much sadder place for trans males than trans females.

While trans females are hated by "radfems", they still usually get one of the most elite positions in most SJW hierarchies, and in many superficial ways their lives immediately improve as they are elevated to places of worship and may be given access to social and economic resources beyond their wildest prideful dreams.

Trans males are much more likely to be considered true traitors, and while men LARPing as women often end up with many male and female privileges, women LARPing as men face a shocking and harsh reality of losing what they had and gaining so little in return (especially since as opposed to the other way around, most male privileges cannot be gained by simply "claiming" them). Trans males often feel even more alone, unloved, and unsupported in every aspect of life, and they are even more likely to become depressed.

On the bright side, trans males are also more likely to "wake up" by inadvertently red-pilling themselves about men, women, and gender.

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Gee you mean people who want to mutilate their own genitals are seriously mentally ill? I would have never guessed.

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We should help them by handing out free rope.

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To quote a liberal, feminist poster on another site who replied about my concerns over men veteran suicide rate: "Boo hoo!" Don't care anymore. Liberals have taken all the compassion and empathy from me, and now I only care for my kind and those who would fight with me for what is right. TLDR - I don't care about these lost soul degenerates killing themselves and saving us from the damage they would do to out society with their constant SJW mongering.

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Leftists are a cancer on humanity.

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"Attempt" suicide...hmm. Number one, for these dramatic idiots, taking a double dose of Tylenol is a "suicide attempt" (this kind of ridiculous thinking is encouraged by social workers and other useless shits who get free government money pandering to the "mentally ill marginalized youth"--more suicidal crazies on your client list equals more money).

Second...so, they pretend to be girls so hard they can't even kill themselves effectively!?

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They're mentally ill and addicted to attention seeking ..so picking up a spoon is a trigger needing a hug which then counts as "overcoming adversity" ... fags couldn't even kill themselves successfully.

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Maybe society should stop normalizing this mental illness.

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I don't think we should blame them. We need to blame their parents. Sure, some tiny percentage of the population (0.4% was estimated, but that's probably high) actually feels more comfortable as another gender. It's a mental illness. But there's also so many liberal parents that actively encourage their kids to be trans, not to mention the education system.

Kids are born into this world with no idea of who they are. When I was 3 years old, my parents read Charlotte's Web to me. I cried and was sad the animals were dying for food. So my parents encouraged me to be vegetarian. I was vegetarian until I was fucking 16 years old. I was scrawny. I was the weird kid at everyone's birthday party who needed special food. And I never got to taste juicy Filet Mignon until I was in my 20s. My parents weren't vegetarian, but they told everyone else I was and encouraged me to be... because of something I said when I was three years old.

Kids, teenagers aren't old enough and don't have enough perspective or understanding of the world to decide whether they're trans or not. If you're an adult and decide you want to live as a woman, fine. That's your decision, and I don't think you should be discriminated against for it. But it's fucking child abuse to encourage or even allow someone with no life experience to make a decision that could ruin the rest of their life.

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