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You say this, yet Nazism was the movement to fight both Communism and Multiculturalism.

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is it extreme to welcome home invaders by unloading an ak equipped with a drum magazine full of armor piercing bullets on them?

You know, like over 1/2 of Americans would call you a "murderer" if you did exactly what you described. They'd say shit like "You only had to shoot him once, in the leg! All he had was a knife! This is unfair! You're a murderer!"

In a sane world, your life would be forfeit the moment you broke into someone's home. But in the modern West, the lives and comfort of criminals (especially felons) are more important than the lives and safety of law-abiding citizens.

You should be allowed to execute a stranger who broke into your home- gun right to the head and trigger pulled, after injuring them; the notion that we have to pay for the very expensive hospital bills whenever a thug catches a few bullets mid-felony drives me up the damned wall.