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Poor kids. Imagine looking at your photo and finding out you've been trans-niggered.

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i don't get why the first 2 photos with a bunch of people look like 2 different pictures.

is this a shill post?

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and being an amateur i could do a better photoshop job than this

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They ad agency did the job they were paid to do. No fucking way on earth did they do this of their own accord. The school wanted the look of leftism and now cue the crocodile tears as they got caught.

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"How dare they!" points at company doing the job you paid them too promptly fires company doing the job who did the job you paid them to to wipes sweat off forehead

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Right? Hopefully the ad agency sues the fuck out of them for defamation.

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White guilt

(((ad agency)))

jews aren't White.

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Europe may have survived Nazism and Communism, but it appears that Multiculturalism – the third major strain of Western extremism – will be the death of the continent.


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You say this, yet Nazism was the movement to fight both Communism and Multiculturalism.

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I don't say this, the guy says it

He calls it extremism, that's debatable in the case of nazim since it was a response to communism, is it extreme to welcome home invaders by unloading an ak equipped with a drum magazine full of armor piercing bullets on them? Not to me. Is it radical? Absolutely.

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Brings new meaning to "digital blackface".

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I thought they were just going to be a few individual photos where they toyed with the brightness levels like the media does when a spic shooter needs to look whiter, but they completely shopped nigger faces over some of these kids.

If that was my job and my boss told me to nig a few white kids, there’d be a secret Harambe photo snuck in there.

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It's part of the multiculturalism agenda. Lookup "Nick Griffin EU Parliament" on youtube

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don't you color me dark.i am white and proud of it. so make the black, blacker a picture tells a story ===well it used to.

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