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Uh huh, and how many of them are lying in order to get giant scholarships and special treatment with no strings attached?

Because my guess is a whole fuck of a lot.

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It feels like it may even be more nefarious then this. What if people are starting to feel that if they do not identify with such groups/sexualities/etc, they will be treated differently, worst.

It's looking like the standard regular conservative values are becoming something that when people identify with them, they are attacked.

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The new transgender study that was just released then puled by Brown University would suggest that they (Trans people, anyway, but I'm sure others as well) are doing it for social pressure coming from peers and media.

Whoever is behind this up tick in media degeneracy is clearly making headway.

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(((whoever))) is behind this

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jews control all Western universities since 1946

accept only jews, other nonwhites, and degenerates

act surprised when no sane people are admitted

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I'm sure Yale has more conservatives than BLTBBQ people, it's just that almost all of them stay in the closet until they graduate.

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Remember when the BLTBBQs had to stay in the closet? Now it's conservatives. The cultural marxism switched the roles.

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But based Gen Z is going to save us, remember?

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Waiting for anyone to save you shows us all what kind of weakling you are.

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You're dumb as a rock.

Who's on the (((Yale admissions board))), I wonder?

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Let me guess... it's all a Jew conspiracy?

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God warned us they were an abomination, SEVERAL times, now LOOK at what we're reaping for "tolerating" (encouraging) them. YOu want a homo run future? Completely CONTRARY to normal VALUES? It will NOT be beneficial to you, I GUARANTEE it.

BEWARE professional victims!

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Ivy League Pedo Mafia

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