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just shoot them, once you start doing that, the rest will more than likely leave.

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Hire some fucking Germans and buy them feldgrau uniforms. They'll get it done.

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what you say would be the only way for a nation to actually do something on their own and not rely on LE or lawmakers. The employees in LE or agencies won't murder them, but the People could, and THAT would send a ripple effect, so that most will leave on their own, and others outside won't even want to come. And it's the only way for a nation to take their destiny in their own hands. DO IT YOURSELF. Because LE or government won't do it. And they can't arrest everyone, the cops are outnumbered something like 100:1 or 200:1. Imagine every conservative killed one illegal per day. What is LE gonna do? They'd even back down, because they'd be afraid of getting killed first, before the illegals are killed. They get out of the way for the killing conservatives, much like cops have pussied up to go into a no-go zone run by the muzzies. I find it incredible. In a way, a no-go zone is a role model for conservatives to keep cops out to take care of the illegals problem on our own.

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Stop propagating jew indoctrination propaganda, by not changing the jewed wording when reposting you're doing jews' work for them.

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Ok, what do you suggest?
"Invaders" probably would have been better I guess, since they're not all niggers, but also muslims too.

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Invaders is apt, anything but any of the myriad of jewed euphemisms to put to sleep the White population to the jews attack, painting the invaders as victims, benign, and beneficial.

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Refugees is the propaganda term, migrants is the neutral one.

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migrants is the neutral one.


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For $10,000,000 US plus expenses and full immunity I'll have them cleared out in 6 months.

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Not including the time it takes to find them, that means you have to take out almost 8000 per day. Sounds like you need a crew. You hiring?

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Funny how every story about nigger muslims turns into a conversation about them evil jeeeews.

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He just send back 165 Nigerians, first time that's happened--Too bad that Italy will still be basically stuck with hundreds of thousands of them for decades to come

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Where there's a will there's a way. Send them back on barges.

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Just use the term, "migrant invaders". Or "Muslim migrant invaders". Or "refugee invaders".

Just co-opt their own language, and use it against them.

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It would probably take 80 days to execute all of them and dispose of the body, except "muhhhhhhhhhhh human rights!!!!!!!!!!"

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If they refuse to state a country of origin then deport them into the mediterranean.

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