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So they're actually MORE marxist than migrant loving Spain.

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Catalonia is a marxist stronghold. If it ever gets independence, it’ll become a communist state.

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Let them be Marxist and suffer the consequences. Let them be what they want to be. Let them be free.

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The Catalan separation movement is punishment on Spain for not accepting their genocide fast enough.

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Catalonians are getting raped by the government. Their are the victims of redistribution. They have wanted freedom from that tyranny for decades.

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Their entire movement is infested with marxist jews. Whatever the point of your argument is supposed to be, the fact is that the international jewry is the one behind the movement.

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They'll be like every other separatist group. They want to be an independent nation with access to the resources/money benefits of the parent country.

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Says you. They made no such claims.

When the 13 colonies declared independence from Britian what "resources/money benefits of the parent country" did they want to retain?

What you just said is stupid beyond measure. People want to be free for freedom's sake. They happily give up the benefits you claim they demand to keep.

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Oh for fuck's sake. Is the old 13 conies the only example you can think of?

Canada has been involved in a separatist battle most it's life. Quebec is a perfect example of "we want what your money, but we want our own country."

The European Union right now is an ongoing battle between autonomy and money getting.

It's everywhere if you dig into their platforms.

Before you get all emotional and make a fool out of yourself by calling other people stupid because you have only a shallow layer of knowledge, look in the mirror dumbass.

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Catalan independence is a project of the Western oligarchs.

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Jews aren’t Westerners.

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Gayest_shill strikes again

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Independence? Not in the EU.

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They will b flooded with muslime men

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Catalans dont deserve independence

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Reminder that they will never do anything.

They voted for independence already. They refused to actually declare it and no one rose up. This is posturing.

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They actually declared it. They voted for it, about a month later the president of the Catalan government declared independence to a crowd, and they all cheered. Eight seconds later he chickened out, said he was putting it on hold, that yes but no, that no but yes, and everybody went back home with blue balls. The next day things carried on as normal. It was comical.

They'll never get independence. The Spanish constitution doesn't allow it, so the only way to get it is with the use of violence. I've lived there for 10 years and I know they're a bunch of pussies, so it won't happen.