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So in a bid to become even more of a shithole than Detroit, Chicago ponders throwing gas on the dumpster fire that is their city.

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The more liberal shitholes that try this and fail the better. Shit man, make the basic income $100,000 that way everyone can have a taste of the good life!

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More state dependency!! What could go wrong??

[–] UsedToBeCujoQuarrel 1 points 2 points (+3|-1) ago 

I'm sure they can afford it. How much could it cost?

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They're not even pretending it's a return on investment anymore; i.e. giving someone a financial break so he can do job training or some such nonsense and become a productive member of society. It's about "structure" and "dignity" now, aka gibs.

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It's about grooming more votes for the Democratic Party, and that's all it's about.

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"There's no debt when everyone has free money!"


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Giving niggers more free money, what could go wrong?

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Not just niggers. Filth of every race will flock there for gibs.

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Chicongo niggers need moar gibsmedats for sure.

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