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You know why they call them "fossil fuels"? For the "great" forward looking segment:

Among the top three nations, China is the undisputed renewable growth leader, accounting for over 40% of the total global clean energy mix by 2022. This is due to meeting various capacity targets and addressing concerns about the country’s air pollution. In recent months, for example, China has deployed a number of novel technologies designed to clean the air, including a 100-metre-tall smog-sucking tower in the city of Xian. China has also already surpassed its 2020 solar panel target, and the IEA says it expects the country to exceed its wind target in 2019. China is also the global market leader in hydropower, bioenergy for electricity and heat, and electric vehicles.


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demand high...price goes up...demand low...price goes up...Predator logic....just as evil as parasite logic.

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Why have gas prices been on the rise then?

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I ask myself this very question.

Like.. when the price goes up.. it goes up overnight. and .. when the price goes down it takes literally months.

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What stocks should I be buying here???

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Unlike say consumer confidence, Obama can take credit for part of this increase. Not that he helped but instead of focusing on dinner parties with beyonce, golfing, and tranny bathrooms a true beleive progtard would have done more to hurt local resource development.