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Voat Front Page has similar censorship!

New ANTI-RACIST hand editing of VOAT front page sometimes shows a news article that is 20th place in the news, as the first and only news post on the front page.

Proof? i have two screen shots from 5 days ago regarding the new anti-racist hand curated front page of VOAT (advertiser friendly?) :

"censorship evidence 2018.09.07 6am voat News page.png" :


"censorship evidence 2018.09.07 6am voat Front page.png" :

Bu this proof will get voted down without discussion here on merits or facts.

I tried to alert people here with post and the brigade that is pro-censorship squelched my discovery.

Look at the proof yourself in the two scrren captures from 5 days ago.

An innocent explanation could be a coding bug, or radically different news selection criteria. One thing is for sure, a lot less black crime news hits the voat front page.

watch this get voted out of view.