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Just so they can smear the POTUS

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Proven in fact. Socialist leaders on east side of island also REFUSED to pay the truckers money for motels and inconvenience DELIBERATELY let all food aid rot or get stolen as it continually piled up on the east side of the Island!

SHOCKING VIDEO of Puerto Rico Secretary of State "Luis Rivera Marin" inspecting the deliberately DESTROYED FOOD !


Socialist Puerto Rico is a low IQ shit hole.

Their socialist tricks worked to smear trump though. In fact an ADDITIONAL 11 $ billion in free money was raised by us congress for JUST PUERTO RICO in Feb 2018 !

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and this is what will happen if we let the democrats run our country again and then if becomes a communist or socialist country then any food will go to officials to pass out to their lacky's and anyone else will be lucky to be considered as dogshit on their shoe sole. This sickens me and the person that dropped the ball and anyone that didn't contribute warehouse and such for storage during the emergency should be jailed and have their assets seized to make an example for the future.

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And the shitstream media is at it again today with more smears as they call President Trump's aid response a failure. The only way it is a failure is because the local government in PR withheld the food and water to make a political statement. TDS is strong in these evil people. They let people starve and die by lying and grandstanding. They should be held accountable. Day of the rope.

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And conveniently timed as well, wonder how the reporter "discovered" this.

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Once they signed for it they can only fuck themselves and the people that the water was meant for and Trump can now hit Twitter and call them a bunch of lamers that dropping the ball on this like the countries infrastructure seems to be a theme with them.

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Along with pallets of food, and other essentials.

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Should be plastered all over the media to show the incompetence of the central government of Puerto Rico. The media mafia would blame Trump for the hurricane itself if they could. "Coming up next is a report that Trump/literally Hitler might actually be Satan, but first here's Tom with the weather!"

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It's not incompetence, they deliberately let their people suffer and die because they wanted to appease their DNC masters by smearing Trump.

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The media mafia would blame Trump for the hurricane itself if they could.

Ask and you shall receive -


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I don't know if you watch Mark Dice, but he made a video of the MSM reporting on the hurricane and inserting Trump wherever they can. "And this hurricane is blowing in just as the storm inside Trump's Whitehouse picks up"

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Right after the hurricane they were doing press conferences in front of giant pallets of food basically blaming trump and begging for resources. Everything here is politically driven nonsense

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Dumb question, why can't somebody create a business/non profit focused solely on emergency relief? Why is there no competition to FEMA? I would donate to a cause like that.

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That's a quick way to be a test body for one of their cheap plastic coffins

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Regulations mostly, and liability. The government made it impossible unless you have the type of Fuck You money that can handle the shit storm that comes from your attempt at aiding those in desperate need.

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Lets me honest, these people are sub human and the government knows it. Hence perfect fodder. Look our skinskins are dying, and its blumfts fault!

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What has Puerto Rico EVER done for the US? Why do we owe them ANYTHING? Let's dump those ungrateful loser parasites. Or we can use the land for a staging area to keep niggers as we exile them back to Africa so they can rise to their potential WITHOUT being hindered by white men! Perhaps the Puerto Ricans will WANT to go WITH the niggers back to Africa, so they can ENJOY a Eutopian existence, again, WITHOUT the suppression of white men! Win/WIn right?

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