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It's PROBABLY the usual ANSWER.

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@mynewaccountagain , we all know you have at least 9 sock puppet shill accounts. You think you are clever using your personal collection of sock puppets to downvote people proving your low intellect into -10 territory.

I almost NEVER downvote, but your are acancer on voat and all your 10 shill accounts downvote as much as they possibly can :

"This user has upvoted 1669 and downvoted 1613 comments" for you. Disgusting censoring scum.

go ruin reddit and leave voat alone.

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I see all you do is downvote voltronsdicks. In fact your ratio is almost 1:1

nothing but censoring.

I am the opposite and almost have never downvoted except actual bot advertisements and such

you are disgusting and a troll

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I disagree.

I reviewed my OP title and I see no problem with the wording or grammar at all. It should not be confusing.

1> Looks like MURDER today!
(meaning, that a mere hour ago it was revealed crime evidence was revealed)

2 > WikiLeaks Associate Belongings FOUND in OCEAN!

(the reason it now looks like murder, plus the sim card activation in the story)

3 > Hillary did not just want SETH RICH KILLED, the Democrats now want the men DEAD that can PROVE some Leaks were DNC INSIDE JOBS!

(normal well-covered sentiment on motive and means of murder)

I tried to add spaces in front of the exclamation marks , as many cultures do, and because of new trend f proper nouns containing embedded exclamation marks like ("Yahoo!" "Yum!" (owner of Taco Bell), etc) but americans complained. Now it seems you are complaining that the spaces in front of exclamation marks are not present for word flow parse-ability to your eyes.

I do admit that if a reader did not know about wikileaks, nor seth rich, nor his murder, nor wikileaks hosting stuff taken from a DNC server using a usb stick at high speed, nor society pressuring wikileaks to burn its last trading card on Seth Rich to free Assange, nor hillary enraged that the bernie supporter seth rich murder ruins her "Russia!" narrative and and democrat loss to Trump...


This news link today is for people almost wholly informed on all the issues. It was not a primer.

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Your autism is astounding. If you really can't tell why the formatting of your comments and posts makes you look like a lunatic then you're a lost cause.

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Your title is formatted just like all the other clickbait garbage.

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You're a faggot, take the criticism and stop typing like you're fucking retarded.

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so sad everyone reads like their retarded. If there's nothing ambiguous about the text then it's well written. niggers.

you put a comma instead of a semi collon and everyone loses their minds. They failed the human test, they must be AIs.

no aIs are better than this lel