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Photo of the Dindu Nuffin!


And YES, that site is a memorial for all the dead Dindu Nuffins that were getting their lives back together and leaving that Gang Stuff behind

" 33 candles have been lit for Terrence"

you can light a vritual candle for him

He was a Good Boy! His Pastor said so! White society forced him to be that way.

The site wants WHITEY DISARMED!!!! (((Who))) is behind this vile site?

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Steve Tarzia


He's a computer science professor at Northwestern now.

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Add him to the list.

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Knew it had to be

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Yuuup... that's a dindu if i ever saw one.

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this one worked his way up to nevvagonnadonethinagin.

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This is why we need conceal carry in ALL states.

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This is why states need to quit PAYING single blacks to breed large broods of thug niglets.

Welfare == breeding black thugs

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My entire state is off limits because of one shit city. I’m curious to see how Pres. Trump’s welfare cuts will effect the area. We have plenty of available jobs that need workers, but the city has not been run well in a while; it shows. But I’ll give it a chance because I see new people swinging conservative lately. I’VE personally changed people just by casually watching Milo or Crowder while in the same room. A discussion is started and it’s great. The left is so far left now that anyone not loony as them is immediately put off. It’s fantastic.

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We are literally paying retards to spew out more retards ....and we call that compassion... at the same time we tell ourselves there is too many people in this world....too many niggers for sure.

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Welfare = breeding lazy good for nothings.

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God I love people having access to guns using them to defend their kids from undesirables. Holy shit this kind of justice brightens my day, bless the father with peace of mind

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From a similar story referenced in the article, a mom who did the same said:

“I’m not a killer but I do believe in defending what’s mine.”

That type of honor (I would rather another way, but I'll not hesitate to do what it takes to protect my children) borne by these kinds of people definitely makes them deserving of a clear conscience and peace of mind.

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Look at this gem:


*"Lost to gun violence on September 7, 2018 in West Palm Beach, Florida. We need your help ..." *

Cute how they leave out the car jacking and child abduction facts.

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Jesus Christ

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He should just give he him car and chirrens. He dindu nuffin. He good boy. Se you in heven, bro nigga! #ObamaMyNigga #GrapeDrank #GibsMeDat

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I love happy endings.

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We lost a moron and I think I just felt the earth get lighter ... And better. Fuck em and he got what was coming to him. Don't fuck with people's stuff and certainly not someone's family. We need conceal and carry across the country. The fact that it has been taken away is a travesty and completely unconstitutional. Fuck the democrats and rino republicans.

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So why would you even consider stealing a car with a kid in it?

No only does it bring a bunch of charges more, it makes things unecessary complicated.

Also while you may get away with stealing somones car in a ( I assume) carry state, you sure won't get away with fucking with somones family.

(I know I know dindu low IQ and even lower impulse control)

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Because niggers are thieving animals that haven't changed and will never change.

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Nigger behavior. No forethought whatsoever. Their ability to plan anything simply does not exist.

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So up till now the fucker just got by on luck and not on skills (you need skill for crime too.)

Got it.

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a nigger can only think one step ahead but its used for the process of walking forward and not tripping on his baggy pants.

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Even in my state where self defense is practically illegal, he would get a pass.

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Well shit my country is worese of than the shitiest state in the US good to know.

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wait it beats chicongo?

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