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I think they misspelled "Niggers".

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One day things will boil over and these "people" will have to attone for all their wrong doings. What those nigs did is just about the lowest of the lows.

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No, they clearly meant to hide their race.

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They all had a cellphone and could have called 911 for the guy, but nooooooo. The chimps couldn't pass up a chance to steal as much stuff as they can carry. Now ask me why whites don't want nigs moving in their neighborhood.

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Empathy is a human trait.

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These aren't human.

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Clearly the reaction of a normal everyday person.

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Last sentence, "it's not immediately clear if the the three will be charged with a crime." Are you fucking serious?

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Isn't it a crime not to provide help/not to call 911 in the US too?

It can be a felony in Europe.

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That would fall under duty to rescue laws. You only have to rescue someone if you caused the situation, which you can make a case that they did by stealing. Good Samaritan laws protect the person from liability for trying to help someone in need. They are often confused.

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I’m glad they identified which person in the photo was the one who was working and suffered the heart attack....

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progressive values of people of progressive state.

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They stole some cigarettes and then the cash from the register AFTER coming back a second time. For that little bit, they are going to catch a murder 1 charge because the victim died during the comission of the crime. If they would have walked away, no charge.

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because the victim died during the comission of the crime.

This is Murder in the second degree, they didn't set out to kill him (premeditation is a requirement for Murder 1) but he was clearly confronting them about something, because they were pulling their typical ghetto bullshit, and this caused the heart attack; then they robbed him. At the bare-bleeding-heart-libtard-minimum this is aggravated involuntary manslaughter. They'll catch a few years for this and they deserve every second of it.

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They are subject to the felony murder rule.

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