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If anyone thinks our elected officials give one fuck what you think……………

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Really drives home the impotence of the right. The left will tear down a statue with violence, the right will have a poll to show their disagreement.

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north carolinians and other southerners must beat the sh*t out of these antifa communist punks, thts the only way to stop this statue toppling nonsense.

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Snipers would probably work too.

[–] MadCatTimberWolf 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

NC vote in Nov.

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We'd rather niggers topple. Silent Sam hasn't cost shit except for ORIGINAL PURCHASE PRICE. Niggers are entirely different that way.

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It's ok.

Every time BLM closed an interstate, a Negro Felon League muslim took a knee, or antifa set fire to a car, Trump got 10,000 more votes. I hope the Left pulls down every statue in the U.S., and they never win another election.

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No one asked me about it. I live in NC.

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I hope this Silent-Sam majority gets out and votes Republican every fucking chance they get, because if not, they have no reason to complain when their cities are taken over by roving gangs of liberal fascists.

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