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Are you retarded?

If you haven't ever contributed to Social Security, you're not going to be collecting anything from it. Granted, the whole thing needs to be scrapped, but still.......

[–] Tallest_Skil 2 points -2 points (+0|-2) ago 

So… no. You fundamentally don’t understand ✡social security.✡

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Ok, look potato-head. I know it's hard to keep up with the conversation, what with every word being written down and all, verbatim, but....Dammit! Quit drooling and listen!....Anyway, as I was saying, the conversation centers around the question of denying people on SSI the right to vote. Now, and I know you're going to have to take moment to digest this, but the sad reality is, SSI is collected as a tax, so unless you are receiving disability benefits (ask your mother's boyfriend about how difficult that is to get), or you're retired and collecting SSI, you paid into it. From the moment you punched a time card or clocked in.

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You don't understand anything... The dude even put up a link for you to educate yourself, but like a typical moron you just noped the fuck out.