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He brings up the point how socialists offering free money are basically buying votes from the immigrants. Which is entirely true, as it is true the Democrats do this in the US. Letting people who are dependant on welfare programs should not be able to vote. Their vote is too influenced by their dependence and it should be stopped.

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But that doesn't go for people on Social Security?

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Are you retarded?


If you haven't ever contributed to Social Security, you're not going to be collecting anything from it. Granted, the whole thing needs to be scrapped, but still.......

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I'd say it was more likely that Swedes are just such gelded cucks, they have decided to quietly commit national suicide, and give their country to Muslims.

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Tens of millions of nonwhites imported to commit genocide on the natives and vote in their elections. Gee, I wonder if there was fraud.

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Elections are rigged, we can't trust them.

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Amen. Does anyone really trust any election anymore given how much corruption goes on? Not me.

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With pencils being used and random people counting votes in closed rooms? Fuck no.

The Emergency Nation constitution dictates that elections must be verifiable by third parties through using digital signatures.

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Holy crap. Yep, Sweden is creepy. They have to approve of your vote before you vote.

Where I am there's one ballot. You tick the circle you want and fold it up and put it in a box. The cheating has to happen after they gather the boxes.

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I wrote a long post about it, but pressed cancel instead of posting it.

I want more information.

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There was an article about that weird "I changed my mind" re-vote process they instituted.
Didn't sound sketchy at all!

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Voting is not anonymous in Sweden?! What the actual fuck?!

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Sweden is so cucked it shouldn't surprise anyone that this is the outcome.