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Has the UN ever achieved anything other than provide sinecure for lefties?

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Every cloud has a silver lining. Even the EU does some things remarkably well for all the other things it does badly.

The UN functions as a gigantic idiot sink where politicians can offload bothersome rivals and resume-padders. There they can spend their days arguing and posturing while achieving nothing. It's a way for states to posture without going to war and it works. The US also effectively wields the UN as it does the IMF, a tool to prevent sanctions against its (((allies))) and to enforce sanctions against those who threaten US hegemony because all sanctions must now go through the UN or we don't recognize them as legitimate for some magical mysterious reason.

Also, several small international coordination and standardization bodies have been included under the UN umbrella and you get secure funding that way for those who do good work without politics shitting it all up. the ITU is a good example as are many other more technical ones.

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Fair enough. Seems the UN is a mixed bag of pros and cons:

"Its regular budget, which is agreed every two years and goes to pay for the cost of administering the UN – including mouthwatering daily allowances which result in many of its bureaucrats being far better paid than American civil servants – has more than doubled over the past two decades to $5.4bn".