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Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

Hitler rose to power thanks to communists threatening and attacking his supporters.

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And that's exactly why they started calling Trump a Nazi right out of the gate. Anyone that stood up to them would have been called a nazi. They miscalculated on that one though. Since anyone that doesn't agree with them is a Nazi, everyone's a nazi now. And of course the best part is the muslims they scrape and bow to have the inclination to kill all the jews, so that was dumb, but then again, maybe the leftists do want to kill all the jews. As Gorilion says; too stupid to plan it out

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If they were rational, they wouldn't be SJWs and Antifags.
A toddler having a tantrum has no concept of the next minute, let alone tomorrow.
It only knows it is angry now and wants to act out.

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seems like an effective strategy to climb the ladder.