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This goes on all the time and they try and create an atmosphere of fear. They wouldn't be saying shit like this if local cops around the nation weren't told to stand down and the feds would arrest them. Then they put out actors at these events as all the 'tiki torch racists' and there are a handful of useful idiots. If anyone isn't smart enough to realize that the KKK WV probably doesn't shop at Ambercrombie and Fitch and use facial cream everyday to keep their skin soft, I don't what the fuck else to tell them.

I just keep praying for the big war they go on about. I just want to see story after story of them accidentally shooting, running over and blowing each other up. Then I get all giddy thinking about what's going to happen when the whites and Jews go try and team up with the black . That's gonna be hilarious. We can keep wishing...hoping and dreaming I guess.

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Cops are nobodies friends sure as hell ain’t mine